Our Team


Cassie Mackenzie – Teacher (4/5-year-old group), Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader.

Nila Blennerhassett – Teacher (3/4-year-old group).

Marina Moreton – Co-Educator (3/4 and 4/5-year-old groups).

Tracy Macneish – Co-Educator (4/5-year-old group).

Kirsty Davis – Reliever. Co-Educator (3/4-year-old group) and Additional Educator (3-year-old group).

Laura Johnston – Reliever. Additional Educator (4/5-year-old group).

*All staff members meet the qualification requirements of the National Quality Framework (NQF)

Manchester Preschool is operated as a non-profit incorporated association with a voluntary group of elected parents forming the committee of management.

The 2023 Executive Committee

  • Jess Turnbull – President
  • Alicia Hetherton – Vice President
  • Melinda Whittle – Secretary
  • Tamara Horsman – Treasurer